Source: Jonathon Gutierrez

Few things around the office are more groan-inducing than the sudden realisation that you have accidentally cemented your first draft of a mind map in permanent marker on a shared whiteboard.

If you find yourself in this dilemma and need to remove permanent marker from a whiteboard, here are a few solutions to get rid of the evidence:

Whiteboard marker cover-up

If you realise your mistake early on and only have a relatively small amount of permanent marker on your whiteboard, it’s worth trying to cover your tracks straight away.

Take a dry erase whiteboard marker and generously draw over the permanent marker mistake. Then use your regular whiteboard eraser to rub everything off. The permanent marker can be absorbed into the whiteboard marker and can (sometimes) be removed using this method.

Common office supplies that might help

If the stubborn marker still won’t shift, it might be worth seeing what the office supplies cupboard has in store. Try taking a soft cloth and a small dab of hand sanitiser gel, mouthwash or a small amount of hair spray and rubbing on the area. The active ingredient in these products is alcohol, and should be handled very carefully.

Don’t get too creative or things could get worse

Don’t get experimental with too many makeshift cleaning materials, as it can be detrimental and even dangerous to be playing with unsafe chemicals.

Never ever use bleach, chlorine, harsh solvents such as WD-40, or any other
chemical where you are unsure of the active ingredients. It may cause further damage to the whiteboard and be hazardous to your own health, as well be in violation of Occupational Health and Safety Procedures.

If all else fails, call the professionals

If the markings from your permanent marker still remain, it is safest to enlist the help of a professional cleaning service like Adamstown Cleaning to safely handle the removal of permanent marker. For more handy tips on how to safely keep things sparkling clean around the office, check out some of our other blog posts.