Having a clean and tidy work environment makes it a lot more comfortable for office employees to do their jobs. While vacuuming and dusting are vital tasks, how to clean a computer is often overlooked.


Cleaning your mouse
Modern day mouses are a lot easier to clean than the old tracking ball version. With a cotton bud and some disinfectant you can get most of the job done, just by rubbing gently over the sensor and the rubber patches in each corner. If you press too hard you risk damaging the sensor, but done lightly every few weeks will help you increase your mouse’s working life.
To clean the rest of the mouse, get a cloth and dampen it slightly, then wipe over the case to remove any dirt.
The trickiest part of a mouse to clean is the scrollwheel. While in extreme cases you may have to open up your mouse and remove the wheel to clean it, for regular maintenance you can simply wipe it, spin it and wipe it some more. Using a toothpick – very carefully – can help remove clumps of dust that have nestled in the crack.

Cleaning your keyboard
Keyboards are some of the dirtiest items in an office, particular for those who eat their lunch ‘al desko’.
Photo by Incase
Whether you snack at your computer or not, the first step for cleaning is to turn your keyboard upside down and shake out the crumbs. A few gentle knocks on the side can help dislodge the bigger morsels.
To clean between the keys there are two options. The first is to take each key off and wipe with a cloth, the second is to buy a special keyboard vacuum cleaner and suck up any dust between the cracks.
Running a damp (not wet) cloth over keys and any gaps will remove dust and spillages, and a cotton bud dipped in disinfectant can remove germs between keys.

Cleaning your monitor
To get your monitor really clean it’s best to turn it off first, as this helps show the streaks and smudges more easily.
Take a microfibre cloth (these are a lot less likely to scratch a screen than other types of cloth, particularly paper towels) and gently rub at the problem areas. Most stains should come off in this way, but if there are any that remain dab your cloth in distilled water and gently rub.
The biggest mistakes people make when cleaning their monitors are using course paper towels and chemical (or glass) cleaners, both of which can damage a screen.
Office workers use their computers every day of every week and over time they’re bound to pick up bits of dirt and grime. Regular cleaning makes maintenance a lot easier and it means your workers have the best conditions to work in.