The difference between a properly cleaned and a sort of cleaned carpet is vast, especially for allergy sufferers. If you find keeping your carpets clean a struggle here are a few tips to help you.

Vacuum both ways
Most people tend to go over their carpets once, hoping to pick up the visible dirt and get the job over with as quickly as possible. However, because of the nature of carpet fibres, they often fold over and protect dirt that’s been trapped. By vacuuming front to back and then side to side you can maximise the dust you pick up.

Photo by Laura D’Alessandro

Clean regularly
It should go without saying that you need to clean regularly – and that means weekly at the very least – to keep your premises looking respectable. The longer you leave cleaning duties, the more work you have to do to bring it up to standard as they’re be a bigger build up of dust and dirt. While you may be disinclined to get the vacuum out every week, every time you skip the job makes your surroundings a little less comfortable.

Be thorough
Of the biggest reasons for dust build up is that hard to reach areas are often neglected. While you don’t have to move all your furniture every time you vacuum, making sure to get behind and under large items at least once a month is important. Special adaptors for your vacuum are also useful, with nozzles and extenders helping you get into tricky spots.

Blot stains
If you notice a stain it’s best to try to clean it straight away. With a cloth or paper towel dab (don’t scrub) the stain, as this will remove any excess liquid and won’t rub the problem further into the carpet. It’s always best to use cloths that don’t have patterns, as this can be transferred to the carpet.

Photo by Stephani Spitzer

Be careful with cleaning products
When you buy a new cleaning product it’s always a good idea to test it on a discreet area to make sure it doesn’t damage the carpet. You should also be careful with how much you use for a stain because if you have too much soap it can get left behind where it can harden and attract dust.

As with any aspect of cleaning, you need to maintain a regular schedule and make sure you don’t cut corners. There’s no shortcut to cleanliness and by avoiding the issue you’re only making it into a bigger problem in the long run.