Dust may seem like a small, trivial detail but if office cleaning is neglected the build-up of dust and dust mites can have a harmful effect on your staff.

The harmful way of dust
A build-up of dust may seem like a tiny thing to worry about but it can cause big problems. While having a few workers a bit itchier than normal won’t have a huge effect on productivity, combined with other problems such as constant sneezing, coughing, eczema or asthma attacks and it can start to add up. Some people also suffer stronger allergic reactions to dust and dust mites which can cause them to take days off work.

Australian dust mites
n Australia, especially in the coastal areas, the most common type of dust mite is the Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus. This dust mite has been linked with many breathing and skin problems, although these can also have other triggers such as pollen, mould or pets.

Ways to solve the problem
While it’s impossible to completely free your office from dust mites, it is possible to reduce their numbers – and thereby their damaging effects – considerably.
Regular cleaning is one of the easiest ways to fix this problem, with careful attention paid to vacuuming (preferably with an appliance with a HEPA filter) and dusting shelves, window sills and work stations. For a more thorough approach, try steam cleaning your carpets as the heat from this will better take care of dust mites.
While a slapdash job might help a little, to really fix the problem you need to make sure you take time out from your hectic schedule to clean properly. It’s recommend that office spaces get a thorough clean a minimum of once a week with general cleaning performed throughout the week.

Longer term solutions
f your problems persist there are other remedies that can help reduce the presence of dust and mites in your office. Because carpet houses a lot more dust than other materials, you could think about stripping back floors to wooden panels. Having seats that can be wiped clean can also help reduce dust and dust mite build up.
Another culprit for triggering allergies is the much-hated cockroach. Setting a few roach traps aroundthe office can help with this, although more severe actions may be required depending on the size of the problem.
Adding these touches to your routine will not only make your office a more pleasant place to work, you’ll also see improved morale in your staff which, in turn, will lead to better work and a happier workplace.