The risks of hiring a cleaner on Gumtree
There are many benefits to sites like Gumtree, with users often able to get a good deal on second hand items and a way to make money on stuff that’s cluttering their home.

The site is also a haven for job seekers and companies offering services, but if you hire from the site then you need to make sure you do your homework.

Photo by Orin Zebest
Ad sites are known for the occasional scam too, and if anyone you try to hire asks for money beforehand – usually as they claim they need to get supplies – it should set a few alarm bells ringing.
Background checks
There are no limitations on who can post an ad on Gumtree, who can claim to be what or who can reply to a request looking for qualified cleaners.

If you hire from a site like Gumtree it’s up to you to do all background checks. These checks can include finding out about employment history, checking references, getting a police report and making sure they have the right to work in Australia.

While these checks can be done with due diligence, they can be time consuming – with that time being better spent on other tasks.

Established cleaning companies

Hiring an established cleaning company has many benefits. Certain factors, such as how long they’ve been established can tell you a lot about them (how could they still be in business if they were less than reputable?). Companies train their workers to the highest standard and generally use, and know how to use, the best cleaning products available.

They’re also likely to have established clients who you can call, safe in the knowledge that you’re not phoning a friend or a relative of the cleaner who’s been told to put in a good word.

Also, with professional cleaners you get the peace of mind from signing a contract. This ensures that you’ll have someone turn up on a regular basis and that any mishaps that happen on the job will be covered by their insurance; something that you’re unlikely to find on sites like Gumtree.

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