Office cleaning tips: Improving air quality

When it comes to keeping things clean and tidy around the office, air quality might not be on everyone’s radar. Often we think of air pollution and allergens as being external things that only live outside. This, however, may not always be the case. Air quality in an office environment can affect the health and well-being of you and your team over time.   (more…)

5 Dirtiest Office Items

Have you ever stopped to consider what the most unclean objects around your office might be? It might be something we push to the back of our mind, but the fact remains that germs can spread very quickly around the office environment. A study by researchers at the University of Arizona looked into the ways in which germs and viruses spread, largely due to the multiple contact of items by lots of workers. Many hands make light work, but they may also make for some fairly unhygienic conditions. (more…)